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Re: myrio koh-yo white forms
« Reply #20 on: Thursday, 12 April 2012 - 16:25:45 »
Hi Tokra,
Thank you for your message.
I produce 200-300 pereskiopsis grafts every winter. I find that astrophytum grow very well om pereskiopsis, if you remember to give the pereskiopsis stocks the correct treatment regarding fertilizer and water - They do not always like to be treated like other graftingstocks or cacti in general. I usually see the first flowers within 6-10 months from seed, and a good steady growth for the first year untill I regraft on more solid stocks.
I guess stocks don't behave the same way in all climates - some stocks work for me and not for others (:
I am looking for another stock for seedlings that can take lower temperatures than pereskiopsis, since our winters are cold an long. I guess selenicereus is more cold-resistent?

I think Selenicereus is better, also some of my cactus colleagues from cactus society in our capitol city told me that selenicerus is quite proof, not frost proof, but better proof than Pereskiopis. but there is also existing one pereskiopsis with some flocks or better say wool, and they should be quite proof to cold condition. I think best is Echinopsis eyriesii - grafted plant grows quite fast as on other types -> some people say that it can be used as permanent stock. Trichocereus pasacana should be also hardly frost proof to -10°C (, but growth of grafted plants is very slow, almost same as they would be on their own roots (but this lead to natural shape and beauty of plant).
With best regards
Tomas Kramaric (Central EU, Slovakia)


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