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Author Topic: Why do old Astrophytum plants die?  (Read 2228 times)

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Why do old Astrophytum plants die?
« on: Wednesday, 14 December 2011 - 01:24:42 »
Hello Group,

I hope some of the experts can answer my questions.

Many people claim that old Astrophytum plants frequently die. Please could someone explain why this is?

I wonder why they are more difficult to grow than young plants?

It this because the roots become old and do not function producing new root hairs?

What would be the best way to keep active roots on a mature plant?

Can one make an old plant producte new roots by root pruning and placing the plant into rooting compost such as gravel or pumice with bottom heat at 25degC. ?

Would new roots regenerate the plant and make it live longer, or is the problem that the mature plant has a slow metablolism and will not be able to produce new roots or cannot grow.

Can an astrophytum grow for 50 years in cultivation?

You help is much appreciated.
Best regards
Lee (inUK)


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Re: Why do old Astrophytum plants die?
« Reply #1 on: Friday, 13 April 2012 - 10:45:46 »
Hello, I think this is a matter of how you care about your plants, I mean if you will take best care during 50 years, they should be vital & even live 100 more years without any problem. Another thing is if you thought real natural plants (from e.g. collectors with Field Number) or if you ment cultivars (or hybrids). As far as I know and have info from others who grow Astrophytum, they have no any problems with natural (non cultivar) plants -> there is only one issue, that plants with older age arent so nice and compact as young speciments -> same comparing to human being  :)

I have one very old A.myriostigma var. strongylogonum, I guess its maybe 25-30 years old - lower 1/3 part of plant is not very nice (as I said "matter of high age"). With such old plants nobody knows if they survive or not -> but if they have good care -> they should survive.

About grafted plants : I am now 26, and I cannot imagine that I would have grafted plant for 25 more years -> it would look like a big basketball ball or gym ball  :D - comparing to own-root plants, they have natural look.

But of course, lets get backto subject : 50 years old Astrophytum=> I have never seen. But as I said, It shouldnt be the problem with normal plant & if good care is provided.

With best regards
Tomas Kramaric (Central Europe, Slovakia)
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With best regards
Tomas Kramaric (Central EU, Slovakia)


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