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Artificial light
« on: Sunday, 03 November 2013 - 19:11:19 »
Hi all,
A part of my greenhouse is in the shade of my house. I this part of the greenhous I grow my Ariocarpus. They grow well, but make only few flowers. So I decided to install artificiall light. The part of the greenhouse is about 2.30x2.30m, the lamp is about 1m above the plants with a "wide angle reflector". The lamp work with a Philips 400 Watt SON-T Agro.

The artificial light is on from 7.00 AM to 6.00 PM, always when the natural light is less than 10'000 Lux. During wintertime I will stop the lamp.

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Re: Artificial light
« Reply #1 on: Monday, 04 November 2013 - 18:34:31 »
Excellent solution, I hope to give you good results.
Sometimes I also use artificial light to flourish the Ario given that there are often many cloudy and rainy days during this period.


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